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About Pet Stop Of North East Ohio

pet containment systemsPet Stop Of North East Ohio serves the counties of Summit and Portage with exceptional pet fence and containment installation services, and is a certified Pet Stop® dealer and installation service provider. We are all highly trained and ready to help you do whatever is necessary to keep your dog safe. Invisible Fence Installation

Our pet fence solutions were created out of a genuine concern and love for dogs. Todd Fritzsche, a dog lover grew alarmed at the number of dogs he saw roaming the streets or injured by cars. Knowing that our beloved companions need their daily exercise to remain healthy, Todd designs systems to enable pet owners to keep their dogs and cats safe without constant monitoring by their owners, all while maintaining their freedom.

With more than 15 years experience, Todd has protected more pets that he can recall of nearly every size, breed and temperament.

We constantly work to find innovative and technically advanced ways to keep pets out of danger. We specialize in electronic pet containment and continue to be a leader today.

pet invisible fence Sold exclusively through local Pet Stop® professionals.

One big reason for the success of Pet Stop® lies with a network of trained professionals who install the system, train your dog and provide full support and service. The results of our efforts are impressive. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rating and a 99.5% success rating of keeping dogs safe at home.

Dog and cat owners who compare electronic pet containment systems quickly discover that Pet Stop® is different from the rest. This system is so superior it's fully guaranteed to work gently but effectively for any pet, any breed of dog or cat, outside or even inside your home.

pet invisible fenceHow can we say this? Because Pet Stop is the only system to combine three key factors:

• Depth of Knowledge
• A Commitment to Technology
• And, of course, a Genuine Love of Pets

pet invisible fence Because Your Pet is Unique

Simply put, our guarantee cannot be matched by any other pet containment system available.

What you can expect from us is a great experience. Our products are designed by the best engineers in the industry, installed and tuned for quick training of your breed by dealers who have decades of knowledge in this field. But we're not complete without you, our fellow dog lovers, the best customers on earth. So let us welcome you to the Pet Stop® family.

pet invisible fence How Do We Do It?

We weren’t always this way. For years, Pet Stop® was just another brand of electronic dog fence, but something special transformed it from a sleepy Midwest product into one of the leading national brands in pet containment.

It began when the most accomplished executive in the industry joined Pet Stop®, followed shortly thereafter by the most experienced engineer in the industry; a man who holds more pet containment patents than all other industry engineers combined.

Pet Stop pet containment pet invisible fence We Make the Best Products ... Period.

Thanks to the efforts of these foremost experts, the UltraElite Receiver™ was born in 2001. As the industry’s lightest, most customizable receiver, it’s a simple but highly effective masterpiece specifically aimed to keep your dog close, comfortable, and safe at home.

Soon thereafter, changes came rapidly. Reliability improved dramatically with new manufacturing facilities in the USA staffed by former industry pros. Soon the word spread, and the best dealers in the business took notice. Adding to this, our dealers have undergone special training, which is in short, the finest training in the market, and we make sure to provide them with only the best materials and support.

This type of transformation is a great American story. It demonstrates what a difference people can make, and the proof lies in the fact that Pet Stop is the fastest growing pet containment company in the world today.

pet invisible fence What makes Pet Stop® so special?

Our dedication to your pet's overall safety goes "hand-in-paw" with being the makers of the most secure electric fence system on the market. We're driven by a genuine concern for keeping your pet safe and protected.

pet invisible fence Depth of Knowledge

Our brain trust is composed of major industry veterans, most of whom have been working in the pet containment market for decades. The company president, John Purtell, founded the industry’s leading company, Invisible Fence®, years ago, making it into a national brand identity, and now he and many of his compatriots have joined efforts to make Pet Stop the most knowledgeable containment company.

pet invisible fence Commitment to Technology

Just because our company founders have been in the industry for decades don’t get the misconception they’re ”set in their ways.“ Far from it. The engineers and researchers are always researching and developing our products, applying cutting-edge technology to create the most advanced, highly-effective containment system in the world.

pet containment systems pet invisible fence Genuine Love of Pets

And, of course, none of us would be doing this at all if we didn’t love pets. All pets. We’re pet people. We believe every one of them deserves to be nurtured, loved, and protected. Pet Stop Dealers

75% of Pet Stop Dealers Jumped the Fence!

Not only does Pet Stop have some of the most experienced pet fencing professionals in the business, we are particularly proud of the fact 75% were previously with competing manufacturers such as Invisible Fence®, Dog Guard®, DogWatch®, PetSafe® and others making Pet Stop the fastest growing professionally installed pet fencing brand.

What does all this say about our Pet Stop Dealers? Well for one thing our dealers know a superior dog fence when they see it and opted to offer their valued customers the most technologically advanced, safest and most humane dog fence on the market today. Call it a sense of responsibility for your pet’s safety or just plain smart business, but over 100 Dealers moving to the Pet Stop brand can’t be wrong.

And, what do all those years of experience mean to you? There are very few installation and training challenges Pet Stop dealers have yet to conquer, so you can be assured that you are dealing with the industry’s best that will provide you with a customized solution for your pet’s needs. Here at Pet Stop we listen to what our customers have to say, and who better to get this information from than a group of Dealers who have experienced all the market has to offer. Their vast field and training knowledge, coupled with our unsurpassed engineering expertise has led to the development of the most pet-friendly products on the market today.

pet fence pet invisible fence Pet Stop® - Manufactured in America and driven by our common love for pets

You love your pet and that makes two of us. Pet Stop® products are carefully designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.A. by people that love their pets just like you.

Pet Stop® is one of the last holdouts in an industry that has gone crazy for off-shore manufacturing. Sure, it looks great for company profits but we want to see our products being built. Maintaining our own manufacturing facilities, staffed with our own employees here in the USA ensures that the people building the product for your pet understands the importance and shares the same compassion for your pet as you do. Out of sight, out of mind may be something other manufacturers can live with but not us. If your MP3 player breaks you’re disappointed. If your dog’s fence doesn’t work you have the potential injury or loss of a loved member of the family.

We don’t feel keeping your pet safe and happy at home is a responsibility that can be outsourced to foreign countries and too important to entrust to anybody that doesn’t share the same concern for your pet that we feel. No thanks. We’ll spend more, make less and have nothing to apologize for later. We sleep better at night that way and bet you will too.

pet invisible fence Why manufacture in the United States?

While we feel it is important to manufacture our products in the good ole USA, it is not just pride in our country that keeps us here. It is driven by our desire to constantly offer the best product we can. If something fails on a unit, we don’t just replace it and throw the old one away. We find the root cause of the problem and seek ways to prevent its occurrence in the future.

So what does that have to do with where the product is made? Well overseas manufacturing involves large quantities of product being built at the same time. Once that product is completed, it is placed on a ship and transported here to the United States. You have heard the saying “slow boat from China” well it is reality. That product can be in transit for 6 to 8 weeks, then it must be transported to the company for distribution, then to a local dealer and then to you. Should someone find a way to improve a product or fix a problem it will likely be a minimum of 6 months before that new product can make it to you. At Pet Stop, we can make those same improvements in a week, allowing us to always offer the best technology and most reliable product available.

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